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The Story

The story goes like this. A son gets bored and cocky at home. He decides he can’t wait to see the world, so he asks his dad for his share of the family estate upfront, in cash. Then, flush with cash, he heads off to see the world. Fast cars, money, and women sound good at first, but when the money is gone, he finds himself alone and broken. He remembers home, and longs to return, but how can he face his father? Would he even take him back? With no where else to turn, he does return home, and is stunned to see his father in the distance, no doubt scanning the horizon for him day after day, running to meet him! An enormous embrace, tears, and forgiveness follow, and then the best part: a party! With reconciliation comes celebration.

The Invitation

This counseling agency is based on the principle that we are inherently relational, and need deep connections with others to thrive. Our purpose is to help improve relationships between people and so increase celebration. People with a spiritual appreciation might note that since the father represents God in the story above, when you come to God there is a party. I hope that your interactions with this agency will add to the celebrations in your life.